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By entrusting your goods to us, you are sure to get the best price. Indeed, all potential buyers will compete. Online or at a meeting, our experts and our staff take care of estimating your items at the fairest price and then presenting them to the public. You can not come to our office? We can also move to your home.
Our estimates are free and confidential, they do not engage in anything. They allow you to better know and apprehend your object, and to have a precise idea of ​​its value. It is a guarantee of solid authenticity and certified by a team of professionals, always attentive to the realities of the French and international art markets.
We make estimated and descriptive inventories for insurance, for sharing, as part of a notarized estate inventory, simply for a move, or for sale. In addition to their legal value, they allow you to better understand the value of your objects and be sure to get the best price.

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Registered in the history of auctioneers since 1904, the Sadde Sales House has developed its expertise in art and auctions.

With one sale a week, in all areas, our study is able to offer you a fair estimation service. The most objective price will be defined by our employees as well as specialized experts. With access to the Artprice, Auction and Interauction databases (professional access), we could set the ton of the art market.

Not being interested in the purchase, we will be able to evaluate objectively your goods, whether as part of a sharing, an insurance or a sale.

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